Sunday, 13 February 2011

Bonjour et bienvenue

Hi! This is Séq, guitarist of Secteur de la Petite Alice Volante. Welcome to my blog! I've never used this site before, so please bear with me, okay? And please follow!

How are you guys? Did you celebrate Valentine's Day today, or will you do it tomorrow? Tell me what you did/will do!  C: 

I won't be celebrating, but I spent today with my friends. :D We went to a tiny café in Covent Garden, where we drank tea and ate macarons. 

You probably can't see very well in the photo, but I wore my purple lenses today. I've been wearing them quite a lot lately. :D

Well, I have to write an essay for Italian class now. As always, I've left it to the last minute. D: Wish me luck!


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